Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving New Orleans!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away? If you live in or are visiting New Orleans during Thanksgiving, here are some ideas for you to spend the holiday.

GoNola has the perfect NOLA Thanksgiving for you.

The NolaEater has a good resource for your dinner on Thanksgiving if you are not wanting to cook.

Here is another list of places in New Orleans from VisitNewOrleans and TheDailyMeal

If you are one of the many who love to make a feast, here is a list from TheDailyMeal of the 12 most common side dishes at Thanksgiving. I am not sure how brussel sprouts made the list.


Check out our Thanksgiving pins!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well that's a short post for Thanksgiving 2016. From our family to yours, have a great and safe Thanksgiving.
We will keep on keeping New Orleans Comfortable.