Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WiFi Thermostats in NOLA - Oh Yeah!

WiFi Thermostats are pretty standard in new homes. But what if you have an older home? We can hook you up for sure.
WiFi Thermostats in NOLA

Why get a WiFi Thermostat?

 Don't love that car commercial where the couple is on a beach and she asks the man if he locked the car, and he hits an app on his phone and the car is locked from the beach he is on. Well with a Wifi Thermostat, you can monitor and change the temperature of your house from anywhere, even while sipping drinks on a beach. Why would you want to do that?
Well suppose you and your wife leave your kids alone for an extended weekend with your mom, whilst you two of you celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary(congratulations by the way) on a beach like the one in the Tweet above. You know your mom and the kids are not thinking about it, but you check and the heat is cranked up and no one is home. From the beach you can lower it down and save your self a little bit of dinero.

Additionally, a WiFi thermostat which is a smart thermostat, are programmable, so you  would be able to set it to adjust during the day when the kids are at school.

What if you don't have kids?

Wells say you two are coming back from an island vacation? The weather at home in NOLA is quite chilly compared to the 90 degree island weather you have been enjoying and you don't want to arrive at a chilly abode.
Solution: Since you have a WiFi thermostat, an hour or so before you get home, hit the app on your phone to be sure your house is toasty warm upon your entry.

Can You See Yourself in either of these Scenarios

If you don't have a WiFi thermostat and you are in the greater NOLA area, and you definitely see yourself in one of these situations, give us a call and we will help you out.