Thursday, August 18, 2016

Supporting Victims of the 2016 Louisiana Flood

Our hearts go out to all the people that are affected by this years flood in Louisiana. We have many friends that have been affected by it, and will be servicing the homes of many of the flood victims as well.

#LouisianaFlood on Twitter

Looking at the HelpServiceCo twitter, the current hashtag #LouisianaFlood is trending. So many people are sharing heart warming stories of people selflessly helping others out during the flood. Like the tweet shared by Michaela Pereira
Or Plaquemines Home Land Security Tweet

The Heroes of the Cajun Navy

We also learned about the Cajun Navy,  @OutwardOn which is a loosely connected band of volunteers who sprang into action during Katrina. These volunteers patrol the flood zone in boats rescuing stranded people and pets.

Need to File and Insurance Claim?

If you're home has been affected by the flood, and need to file an insurance claim, check out this post from Senator David Vitter for assistance.