Friday, December 16, 2016

New Orleans Christmas Twitter Compilation

Christmast is the best time of year, and in spite of New Orleans not having snow, we still have a great time, and I truly think Santa loves it when he stops in NOLA.
Another beauteous NOLA Christmas picture from David Mora

Christmas Fest In NOLA

NolaChristmas lets us now about the Christmas fest in NOLA.
Christmas Fest looks like it will be a blast..head on over to the convention center and go tubing!

More NOLA Christmas PICs

David Mora shares one of his favorite things about Christmas.

Ali Coates of  Now New Orleans shares a picture of a Christmas Gator. And be sure to check out her blog post where she shares many awesome NOLA Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas

Well that's our short little NOLA Christmas Twitter compilation post. From the HELP!!! Air Conditioning & Heating Family to yours- MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving New Orleans!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is a week away? If you live in or are visiting New Orleans during Thanksgiving, here are some ideas for you to spend the holiday.

GoNola has the perfect NOLA Thanksgiving for you.

The NolaEater has a good resource for your dinner on Thanksgiving if you are not wanting to cook.

Here is another list of places in New Orleans from VisitNewOrleans and TheDailyMeal

If you are one of the many who love to make a feast, here is a list from TheDailyMeal of the 12 most common side dishes at Thanksgiving. I am not sure how brussel sprouts made the list.


Check out our Thanksgiving pins!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well that's a short post for Thanksgiving 2016. From our family to yours, have a great and safe Thanksgiving.
We will keep on keeping New Orleans Comfortable.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Connected Home

This is the new rage in home ownership. Being able to turn lights on and off, lock your doors, view your house with cameras inside and out and the best option is to control your air conditioning and heating  system.

Cox Communications, ATT&T, Google, Amazon and the list goes on and on of people and companies vying for you to use their products and options. You can find a myriad list of products at Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon Prime, Best Buy and almost any retailer you walk into. You no longer have to do full on home automation when you have all these Wi-Fi capable products that you can use with virtually no monthly fees.

Now the big question comes to mind.  How do you decide what and who’s options and products you want use?  First you need to start with a list of what is your highest priority to get done first.  Start by making a list of what’s most important and what benefits you get from each item.  Also don’t forget to list the true benefits of each.  Below is something I started to put together while looking at automating my own house.

Item I wantReasonBenefits
Lighting Kids leave all the lights onSave on my electrical bill/safety
CamerasCar was broken into in drivewaySafety
ThermostatI forget to raise temp when I leaveCan changed temp when I forget
Home AssistantBecause it’s coolNo benefits, I just like it
Door locksDon’t have to use keys when drunkKids can’t lose their keys
Wireless AudioDon’t have to get up to change musicAnother cool item to have

The one thing I would note here is for the Wi-Fi thermostat.  I would pay the extra and get this from your air conditioning and heating company.  They will be responsible for the warranty if anything ever happens to it.  Otherwise you have to send it back and wait for another one, not much fun in August.  Make your list, do your homework and enjoy thinking of the many things you can do with each item.  You’ll also be the envy of all your friends.

Looking for MoreWifi Thermostat Info

You can visit the Wifi Thermostat page or the Visually Impaired Thermostat page on our site

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shotgun Houses of NOLA on Twitter

I was skimming through our New Orleans Twitter List and I was reminded of the term "Shotgun House", which refers to a type of home that is common in the South. According to Wikipedia a "Shotgun House" is "
 a narrow rectangular domestic residence, usually no more than 12 feet (3.5 m) wide, with rooms arranged one behind the other and doors at each end of the house. It was the most popular style of house in the Southern United States from the end of the American Civil War (1861–65), through the 1920s.

A Shotgun House Video 

Shotgun House Tweets 

And for you architectural enthusiasts, here is one so you can brush up on your "Shotgun house" carpentry terminology..

Shotgun Homes on Houzz

4123 S Saratoga St. NOLA

This Houzz post has some good historical info about the reason for the building of so many shotgun homes in NOLA.

New Orleans has some of the best architecture in the country if we do say so ourselves. Regardless if your home is 150 year old shotgun house or brand new mansion, if you need any of our HVAC services in the greater NOLA area, please don't hesitate to give us a call 24hrs a day @ (504) 733-5888.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Supporting Victims of the 2016 Louisiana Flood

Our hearts go out to all the people that are affected by this years flood in Louisiana. We have many friends that have been affected by it, and will be servicing the homes of many of the flood victims as well.

#LouisianaFlood on Twitter

Looking at the HelpServiceCo twitter, the current hashtag #LouisianaFlood is trending. So many people are sharing heart warming stories of people selflessly helping others out during the flood. Like the tweet shared by Michaela Pereira
Or Plaquemines Home Land Security Tweet

The Heroes of the Cajun Navy

We also learned about the Cajun Navy,  @OutwardOn which is a loosely connected band of volunteers who sprang into action during Katrina. These volunteers patrol the flood zone in boats rescuing stranded people and pets.

Need to File and Insurance Claim?

If you're home has been affected by the flood, and need to file an insurance claim, check out this post from Senator David Vitter for assistance.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A/C an Essential for the New Orleans Heat and New Orleans Events in August

This time of year in New Orleans, these excessive heat warning are all too common.  If your A/C is not working or not working properly, it could spell more than a little discomfort for you. If you or one your loved ones is elderly or very young, having a non-functioning A/C unit, could be a health concern.

Basic A/C Maintenance for Home Owners

Tree Limbs on A/C


Several things that every home owner should do regularly to keep their A/C working, they include:
  1. Regularly check to make sure that if you have a condenser outside, that it is clear of debris  to include branches, and plants growing in and around it. This might also include insuring that an occasional critter does not make a home out of your A/C condenser unit.
  2. Change your filters regularly. If  you can't remember when you last changed your A/C filter, its probably time to change it.
  3. Have your A/C regularly serviced by a professional  like us. Give us a call at (504) 733-5888 to get on the schedule for annual servicing of your Air Conditioning system.
Well those are the basics of home owner A/C maintenance.

 Upcoming NOLA Events

Well it sounds like there are tons of festivals and things to do for the rest of the summer, so stay cool and have fun!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Whats Going on in NOLA this Weekend?

For the weekend 6/18-6/19/2016 here are some cool activities for everyone in the New Orleans area.

NOLA Festivals This Weekend

NOLA Farmers Markets

Other Things to do in NOLA this Weekend

Corner of Rue St. Anne and Rue de Chartres
NOLA Streets 
Well just a few things to get out and do this weekend in the greater New Orleans area. Got any upcoming NOLA events to share?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Heating and Air Conditioning New Orleans: Keeping the City Comfortable Year-Round

Heating and air conditioning in New Orleans is no simple feat, as NOLA lies in a humid subtropical climate that many find appropriate for living and business only when it is possible to retreat into climate controlled comfort during many parts of the year.

While the average temperatures don’t tend to reach some of the extremes seen in other parts of the country, the heavy humidity in the region adds dampness to the mild but cool winters and a sweltering feel to the warm summers. In January, the average temperature is around 53ºF, whereas July and August see an average of around 83ºF.

These temperatures are enough to make heating and air conditioning in New Orleans a vital part of the city’s comfort during the winter and summer months, and it can keep businesses that provide installation, maintenance and repair services hopping before, during and after those seasons every year.
Cool place to rest
Relaxing in a cool puddle on a hot NOLA Day
After all, winters may be mild, but there are still typically freezing temperatures overnight. In the summer, it may be rare to breach the 100ºF mark, but the humidity can make everything feel much warmer and stickier than it actually is.

From a visitor’s standpoint, many travel agents advise that trips be booked from February to May, during which time the temperature is the most comfortable and celebrations are typically at their grandest. But for those who live here year-round, your furnace and air conditioner technician can be the key to your ability to be comfortable when the weather isn’t within the ideal temperature range.

However, if you think that’s a sleepy time for companies providing heating and air conditioning in New Orleans, think again. It is during those months that many repairs are often made to heating systems that have started to show signs of wear or damage over the winter, while maintenance efforts are made to tune up air conditioners before the heat kicks in outside.

That extra step in preparing an A/C unit ahead of the summer is one of the most important moves a home or business owner can make to help to catch problems while they are still small and inexpensive to repair, while preventing a range of different forms of damage from occurring in the first place. In fact, a proper tune-up can improve the efficiency of a unit to such a degree that it will make a noticeable difference to a monthly energy bill.

Once the maintenance seasons are through, it is the repair seasons that tend to kick off, particularly among homes and businesses that did not take the time to have their heating and air conditioner units properly cleaned, checked and maintained ahead of use.

When choosing a company heating and air conditioner services, it’s important to opt for one you can trust. This way, you will know you’ll always receive sound advice from experienced and capable technicians who can provide fair and competitive prices. Choose a company that has been in business in the area for many years, so you’ll know you’re receiving service with an understanding of the issues that are unique to heating and air conditioning in New Orleans.

We want to be your New Orleans HVAC  Contractor.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Things to do in NOLA

Known for its fantastic history, unique culture, jazz music, French Quarter and of course, Mardi Gras, New Orleans is also the largest city in Louisiana and is a major port in the United States.  The city was named after France’s King Louis XV, the Duke of Orleans, who reigned from 1715 to 1723, when the king came of age.

New orleans at Night

The architecture and culture in the city have a heavy European influence which has combined for a distinct French and Spanish Creole look and multilingual, cross-cultural heritage.  Beyond the history, music and tremendous festivals and celebrations, the food is another delightful contributor to this “most unique” city in the country.

It’s clear that this is a gorgeous, exciting city but what’s even better is that there are always things to do for both visitors and residents of the Orleans Parish region in the southeastern part of Louisiana.  While this had been the most heavily populated parish in the state before Hurricane Katrina, it now holds the third rank as recovery from the devastation continues to this day.

Whether a local or a guest, here are some fantastic things to see in NOLA that you just won’t want to miss:

  • The Garden District – whether you’ve never seen it before or have been there dozens of times, the aristocratic 19th century mansions throughout this area can never fail to astound and enchant. Take in the big old live oaks, the porticos, pillars and the wrought iron along with the smattering of architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Greek Revival. It’s hard to think of a more photogenic place.
  • Insectarium and Aquarium of the Americas – both of these attractions from the Audubon Nature Institute are worth seeing at least once.  The butterfly garden makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into a fantastical land, while the largest museum devoted to insects provides a fascinating educational experience about creepy crawlies.  The truly adventurous will love the Bug Appétit snack bar with insect-based ingredients.
  • Jackson Square – the very core of the French quarter is surrounded by historical wonders, such as the former city hall where the signing of the Louisiana Purchase took place, the Presbytère and the St. Louis Cathedral, among others.
  • Live Music – head down to Bourbon Street and it will be difficult to miss the fantastic opportunities for live jazz music from bands and solo performers.  Clubs from The Blue Nile to the DBA and Snug Harbor are always a hit, as are restaurants like the Marigny Brasserie and The Three Muses which play well into the night.
  • Magazine Street – Royal Street may have the draw for tourists but when it comes to window-shopping in the Quarter for locals, Magazine Street can’t be beaten! Don’t miss Hemline, Derby Pottery, Mignon Faget, Perlis, and Dirty Coast, among many others.
  • New Orleans Streetcars – For the tiny price of an adult fare on one of the two major streetcar lines in the city, you’ll get one of the best tours of the city you could ever have! The St. Charles Line’s green cars will take you Uptown, while the Canal Street line’s red cars head to City Park and Metairie Cemetery, among other historic cemeteries.
Don’t forget to stop along the way for some amazing drinks and unbeatable meals.  Whether it’s an afternoon or a full vacation, NOLA never fails to be unforgettable.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

When Bad Weather Attacks!!!

It’s happened to all of us.  Dark clouds are rolling in from the distance.  The temperature outside is dropping a few degrees and the weather man is on the TV interrupting your favorite show to warn of the weather that’s coming.  You sit and think; OK we’ve been through this before, what’s the big deal it’s just another storm passing through.  The lightening gets louder as the thunder rolls, shaking your windows.  Then suddenly it happens, the lights go out.  Now you have to search for candles and flashlights so that you at least have a little light to see. 

            Suddenly as quick as the lights went out, they start to flicker back on.  Great, now we can get back to watching our favorite TV shows, the kids can finish their homework and we don’t have to worry about waiting for the house to get hot from not having any air conditioning.  But wait, it feels like its getting warm in here.  Yep the air conditioning is out.  Now What?

What to do if electricity Goes Out?

            Most storms that make your lights flicker or the electricity go out completely can cause major damage to your air conditioning systems.  How can you prevent it?  By simply turning your thermostat to the off position.  At first sign of lights flicking or when the electricity goes out you should immediately go to your thermostat and turn it off.  Once electricity comes back on to your home you should wait about 10 minutes to be sure that it’s back on permanently before turning the air conditioner back on.  Once you turn it on go outside to the condenser (outdoor unit) and verify that it’s working.

            If your system isn’t working after the attack of bad weather then simply call Help!! Air conditioning & Heating at 504-733-5888 and we’ll come out and get you cooling again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

6 NOLA Blogs to Introduce to Our New Help!! AC & Heating Blog

Introducing our new blog to be used occasionally to talk about HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) news, but more so to talk about what we love..NOLA and everything about the wonderful town.
Additionally, we want to use it to reach out to other NOLA bloggers.

Touchdown Jesus
Thanks to  Dianne Rosete for the use of her "Touchdown Jesus"

New Orleans Blogs We Like!

That is a short list of NOLA blogs, as we continue to write here, we will add to the list, and may even add a blogroll.(do they still do blog rolls?)

Got Any NOLA Blogs to Add?

Well, that is our introductory blog post, if you are a NOLA blogger or know of some good NOLA blogs to add to the list, please leave it in a comment below.