Friday, June 17, 2016

Heating and Air Conditioning New Orleans: Keeping the City Comfortable Year-Round

Heating and air conditioning in New Orleans is no simple feat, as NOLA lies in a humid subtropical climate that many find appropriate for living and business only when it is possible to retreat into climate controlled comfort during many parts of the year.

While the average temperatures don’t tend to reach some of the extremes seen in other parts of the country, the heavy humidity in the region adds dampness to the mild but cool winters and a sweltering feel to the warm summers. In January, the average temperature is around 53ºF, whereas July and August see an average of around 83ºF.

These temperatures are enough to make heating and air conditioning in New Orleans a vital part of the city’s comfort during the winter and summer months, and it can keep businesses that provide installation, maintenance and repair services hopping before, during and after those seasons every year.
Cool place to rest
Relaxing in a cool puddle on a hot NOLA Day
After all, winters may be mild, but there are still typically freezing temperatures overnight. In the summer, it may be rare to breach the 100ºF mark, but the humidity can make everything feel much warmer and stickier than it actually is.

From a visitor’s standpoint, many travel agents advise that trips be booked from February to May, during which time the temperature is the most comfortable and celebrations are typically at their grandest. But for those who live here year-round, your furnace and air conditioner technician can be the key to your ability to be comfortable when the weather isn’t within the ideal temperature range.

However, if you think that’s a sleepy time for companies providing heating and air conditioning in New Orleans, think again. It is during those months that many repairs are often made to heating systems that have started to show signs of wear or damage over the winter, while maintenance efforts are made to tune up air conditioners before the heat kicks in outside.

That extra step in preparing an A/C unit ahead of the summer is one of the most important moves a home or business owner can make to help to catch problems while they are still small and inexpensive to repair, while preventing a range of different forms of damage from occurring in the first place. In fact, a proper tune-up can improve the efficiency of a unit to such a degree that it will make a noticeable difference to a monthly energy bill.

Once the maintenance seasons are through, it is the repair seasons that tend to kick off, particularly among homes and businesses that did not take the time to have their heating and air conditioner units properly cleaned, checked and maintained ahead of use.

When choosing a company heating and air conditioner services, it’s important to opt for one you can trust. This way, you will know you’ll always receive sound advice from experienced and capable technicians who can provide fair and competitive prices. Choose a company that has been in business in the area for many years, so you’ll know you’re receiving service with an understanding of the issues that are unique to heating and air conditioning in New Orleans.

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