Sunday, June 5, 2016

When Bad Weather Attacks!!!

It’s happened to all of us.  Dark clouds are rolling in from the distance.  The temperature outside is dropping a few degrees and the weather man is on the TV interrupting your favorite show to warn of the weather that’s coming.  You sit and think; OK we’ve been through this before, what’s the big deal it’s just another storm passing through.  The lightening gets louder as the thunder rolls, shaking your windows.  Then suddenly it happens, the lights go out.  Now you have to search for candles and flashlights so that you at least have a little light to see. 

            Suddenly as quick as the lights went out, they start to flicker back on.  Great, now we can get back to watching our favorite TV shows, the kids can finish their homework and we don’t have to worry about waiting for the house to get hot from not having any air conditioning.  But wait, it feels like its getting warm in here.  Yep the air conditioning is out.  Now What?

What to do if electricity Goes Out?

            Most storms that make your lights flicker or the electricity go out completely can cause major damage to your air conditioning systems.  How can you prevent it?  By simply turning your thermostat to the off position.  At first sign of lights flicking or when the electricity goes out you should immediately go to your thermostat and turn it off.  Once electricity comes back on to your home you should wait about 10 minutes to be sure that it’s back on permanently before turning the air conditioner back on.  Once you turn it on go outside to the condenser (outdoor unit) and verify that it’s working.

            If your system isn’t working after the attack of bad weather then simply call Help!! Air conditioning & Heating at 504-733-5888 and we’ll come out and get you cooling again.